The building of Suur-Karja 8 is well preserved diele-dornse type medieval residence. In archives the first mentioning of it was in the beginning of 15 th century, thus making it one of the oldest survived buildings in Tallinn. Initially the three story, with sharply rising roof , the house was also somewhat unique - it had two heated living rooms in the inner part of the building. The southern gate building was built probably at the same time with the main building. In the second half of 18 th century the house was rebuilt partly, when 2 nd and 3 rd floors were adjusted for living rooms. Another larger reconstruction was undertaken in the end of 19 th century. In 1920-30’s a printing company “Estotrükk” operated in the building. In the end of 1990’s another large renovation was made which resulted with nomination of “The best renovated building of Tallinn” in 2001.

Despite the reconstructions, a number of old constructions and details have been preserved, of which the main portal and the pillar supporting the main beam, which is the only one, what has remained in its original place in Tallinn, deserve attention. Diele is the large main room or hallway on the street side of Tallinn's late medieval residential building, which is half a floor higher than the neighboring rooms. It was a work space for artisans and a shop and office space for merchants. At the back of the diele is a chimney kitchen and a staircase opposite it, which leads to the balcony on the mezzanine above the dornse. The Dornse door is in the back wall, as the street-side wall has a main door with an external portal and a large rectangular window opening next to it (on one or both sides).